Calculus on a Manifold with Edge and Boundary

  • S. Khalil
  • B.-W. Schulze


We study elements of the calculus of boundary value problems in a variant of Boutet de Monvel’s algebra (Acta Math 126:11–51, 1971) on a manifold N with edge and boundary. If the boundary is empty then the approach corresponds to Schulze (Symposium on partial differential equations (Holzhau, 1988), BSB Teubner, Leipzig, 1989) and other papers from the subsequent development. For non-trivial boundary we study Mellin-edge quantizations and compositions within the structure in terms a new Mellin-edge quantization, compared with a more traditional technique. Similar structures in the closed case have been studied in Gil et al. (Osaka J Math 37:221–260, 2000).


Pseudo-differential operators Manifold with edge Boutet de Monvel’s algebra Mellin quantization 


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