Local corrosion characteristics of a graphene-oxide-modified inner coating



Pencil hardness testing, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and scanning Kelvin probe microscopy were used to study the local corrosion characteristics of a graphene-oxide-modified inner coating. The effect of chloride concentration on the corrosion of the damaged inner coating was studied. The effects of chloride ions on damaged internal coatings and graphene-oxide-modified internal coatings were investigated. It was proposed to add graphene oxide into the epoxy coating to effectively inhibit the metal corrosion at the breakage. Because of the existence of graphene oxide(GO), the modified coating had a better physical property and had the effective infiltration of H2O and Cl into the coating. The results showed that graphene oxide coatings can give X80 steel better corrosion resistance in sodium chloride solution.


采用铅笔硬度测试、电化学阻抗谱、扫描电子显微镜和扫描开尔文探针显微镜研究了氧化石墨 烯改性内涂层的局部腐蚀特性。氧化石墨烯的存在使得改性内涂层具有更高的硬度和抗划伤性能, 并 且能够有效阻隔H2O 和Cl−向涂层内部渗透, 将金属腐蚀活动限制在破损涂层处并形成一层较厚的保 护膜。结果表明, 氧化石墨烯涂层能使X80 钢在氯化钠溶液中具有较好的耐蚀性。

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LIAO Ke-xi provided the concept and edited the draft of manuscript. LI Xiao-xiao completed the experiment of the paper. JIANG Yi provided directional guidance and financial support for the whole study. LIU Xin, JIANG Yi and JING Hong edited the pictures. LIAO Ke-xi examined the manuscript, and LI Xiao-xiao provided directional guidance.

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Correspondence to Ke-xi Liao 廖柯熹.

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The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

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Project(51674212) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China

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Key words

  • natural gas pipeline
  • damaged inner coating
  • local corrosion
  • graphene-oxide-modified inner coating


  • 天燃气管道
  • 破损内涂层
  • 局部腐蚀
  • 氧化石墨烯改性内涂层