Component analysis of volatile oil from Illicium Verum Hook. f.


Volatile oil was extracted from Illicium Verum Hook. f. by using steam distillation. 41 kinds of compounds were separated and identified by GC/MS, and their relative contents were determined by normalization method. Among 41 identified compounds, there are 14 hydrocarbon components and 22 oxygenated hydrocarbon derivatives, and a small amount of nitrogenous compounds. The main component is anethole, accounting for 76.23%, and the other components such as anisyl acetone, anisaldehyde, p-allylanisole, p-cumic aldehyde and p-allylpen take up more than 10%.

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Foundation item: Science Foundation of Education for Hunan Province (No. 00C324)

Biography of the first author: YAN Jian-hui, associate professor, doctorate candidate, born in 1958, majoring in applied chemistry.

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  • Illicium Verum Hook. f.
  • volatile oil
  • GC/MS analysis