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A dynamic cross-layer data queue management approach based on priority for delay-tolerant mobile sensor networks


This paper presents a Dynamic Cross-layer Data Queue Management approach (DC-DQM) based on priority to address the priority deviation problem in Delay-Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks (DT-MSNs). Receiver-driven data delivery scheme is used for fast response to data transfers, and a priority based interaction model is adopted to identify the data priority. Three interactive parameters are introduced to prioritize and dynamically manage data queue. The experimental results show that it can ameliorate data delivery ratio and achieve good performance in terms of average delay.

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Qiyue Li.

Additional information

Supported by the Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation (No. 2012AKZR0330), Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China (No. 2012M521247), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

Communication author: Li Qiyue, born in 1984, male, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

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Li, Q., Li, J., Wang, J. et al. A dynamic cross-layer data queue management approach based on priority for delay-tolerant mobile sensor networks. J. Electron.(China) 30, 328–334 (2013).

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Key words

  • Data Queue Management (DQM)
  • Priority
  • Delay-Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks (DT-MSNs)
  • Interaction

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  • TN929.5