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A novel fractional case study of nonlinear dynamics via analytical approach

  • Published:
Applied Mathematics-A Journal of Chinese Universities Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The present work describes the fractional view analysis of Newell-Whitehead-Segal equations, using an innovative technique. The work is carried with the help of the Caputo operator of fractional derivative. The analytical solutions of some numerical examples are presented to confirm the reliability of the proposed method. The derived results are very consistent with the actual solutions to the problems. A graphical representation has been done for the solution of the problems at various fractional-order derivatives. Moreover, the solution in series form has the desired rate of convergence and provides the closed-form solutions. It is noted that the procedure can be modified in other directions for fractional order problems.

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The authors express their gratitude to dear unknown referees for their helpful suggestions which improved the final version of this paper.

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Correspondence to Hassan Khan, Adnan Khan, Rasool Shah or Dumitru Baleanu.

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