An efficient algorithm for Bermudan barrier option pricing


An efficient option pricing method based on Fourier-cosine expansions was presented by Fang and Oosterlee for European options in 2008, and later, this method was also used by them to price early-exercise options and barrier options respectively, in 2009. In this paper, this method is applied to price discretely American barrier options in which the monitored dates are many times more than the exercise dates. The corresponding algorithm is presented to practical option pricing. Numerical experiments show that this algorithm works very well and efficiently for different exponential Lévy asset models.

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Correspondence to Ning-ying Huang.

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The work was partially supported by the research grants (UL020/08-Y4/MAT/JXQ01/FST and MYRG136(Y1-L2)-FST11-DD) from University of Macau.

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  • American barrier option
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