Long-term survivors of childhood cancer: cure and care—the Erice Statement (2006) revised after 10 years (2016)



The number of persons who have successfully completed treatment for a cancer diagnosed during childhood and who have entered adulthood is increasing over time, and former patients will become aging citizens.


Ten years ago, an expert panel met in Erice, Italy, to produce a set of principles concerning the cure and care of survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer. The result was the Erice Statement (Haupt et al. Eur J Cancer 43(12):1778–80, 2007) that was translated into nine languages. Ten years on, it was timely to review, and possibly revise, the Erice Statement in view of the changes in paediatric oncology and the number and results of international follow-up studies conducted during the intervening years.


The long-term goal of the cure and care of a child with cancer is that he/she becomes a resilient and autonomous adult with optimal health-related quality of life, accepted in society at the same level as his/her age peers. “Cure” refers to cure from the original cancer, regardless of any potential for, or presence of, remaining disabilities or side effects of treatment. The care of a child with cancer should include complete and honest information for parents and the child.

Conclusions and implication for cancer survivors

Some members of the previous expert panel, as well as new invited experts, met again in Erice to review the Erice Statement, producing a revised version including update and integration of each of the ten points. In addition, a declaration has been prepared, by the Childhood Cancer International Survivors Network in Dublin on October 2016 (see Annex 1).

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The Erice workshop was organized thanks to the support of the G. Gaslini Foundation, Foundation MBBM, AIEOP, FIAGOP, and the M. Letizia Verga Committee. We thank Ms. Carla Manganini for her excellent secretarial and editorial assistance.

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Childhood Cancer International (CCI) Survivors Network. Declaration of Dublin. Dublin, October 18, 2016 (PDF 296 kb)

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