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A motion and illumination resilient framework for automatic shot boundary detection

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Signal, Image and Video Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Detecting and locating a desired information in hefty amount of video data through manual procedure is very cumbersome. This necessitates segregation of large video into shots and finding the boundary between the shots. But shot boundary detection problem is unable to achieve satisfactory performance for video sequences consisting of flash light and complex object/camera motion. The proposed method is intended for recognising abrupt boundary between shots in the presence of motion and illumination change in an automatic way. Typically any scene change detection algorithm assimilates time separation in a shot resemblance metric. In this communication, absolute sum gradient orientation feature difference is matched to automatically generated threshold for sensing a cut. Experimental study on TRECVid 2001 data set and other publicly available data set certifies the potentiality of the proposed scheme that identifies scene boundaries efficiently, in a complex environment while preserving a good trade-off between recall and precision measure.

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