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Facial expression recognition based on image pyramid and single-branch decision tree

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Signal, Image and Video Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, a new approach has been proposed for improved facial expression recognition. The new approach is inspired by the compressive sensing theory and multiresolution approach to facial expression problems. Initially, each image sample is decomposed into desired pyramid levels at different sizes and resolutions. Pyramid features at all levels are concatenated to form a pyramid feature vector. The vectors are further reinforced and reduced in dimension using a measurement matrix based on compressive sensing theory. For classification, a multilevel classification approach based on single-branch decision tree has been proposed. The proposed multilevel classification approach trains a number of binary support vector machines equal to the number of classes in the datasets. Class of test data is evaluated through the nodes of the tree from the root to its apex. The results obtained from the approach are impressive and outperform most of its counterparts in the literature under the same databases and settings.

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