Correction to: Archaeologies: Journal of the World Archaeological Congress (2021)

In the original version of this article, unfortunately, due to the author’s unfamiliarity with the Hawaiian language, the below mentioned words were published with errors.

All occurrences of the word k`oa must be Ko`a;

All occurrences of the word kane must be kāne;

The ancestral name Ma‘lilkūkahi must be Ma‘ilikūkahi, see endnote 4, line 793;

The name Kalaleia must be Kalalea in Fig. 2 caption;

The name Khaulani must be Kēhaulani Kauanui, line 94;

The name Kalakaua must be Kalākaua, lines 255, 938;

All occurrences of the place name Kahaluu must be Kahalu‘u;

The place name Honokohau must be Honokōhau, lines 356, 372, 375, 502, 777, 923;

The place name Maka‘opi‘o must be Maka‘ōpio, lines 355, 367, Fig. 6 caption, 371, 501;

All occurrences of the God Ku must be Kū, lines 238, 507, 511, 516, 547;

All occurrences of the word pohaku must be pōhaku, see Fig. 7 caption, Fig. 8 caption.

The author regrets the inconveniences caused to the readers.

This is corrected by publishing this correction article.