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Bibliography of Public Archaeology Sources

  • Carol McDavid

When we originally envisioned writing this bibliography, we anticipated a piece that would function as an additional paper in this edited volume. Happily, we soon discovered that creating a truly comprehensive annotated bibliography for public archaeology was well beyond the scope of just one paper—or, indeed, an entire special issue of this journal. Our original draft bibliography included well over 250 references, and did not include listings for individual papers within edited volumes. Nor did it include all of the papers that have appeared in journals which specialize in public archaeology topics (such as Public Archaeology, The Journal for International Heritage Studies, and CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship). Therefore we decided to limit this printed version of the bibliography to a samplingof sources in each category, emphasizing only the “seminal” and more recent literature, with the understanding that it would serve as a jumping-off point for a much longer online...


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