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Comments on: Extensive facility location problems on networks: an updated review

  • Juan A. Mesa

First of all, when reading the paper I have found impressive and interesting information about the location of extensive facilities in graphs, which shows the deep knowledge of the authors about the topic. When Brian Boffey and I decided to revise the literature on the location of facilities that are too large regarding their environment to be represented as isolated points, almost 25 years ago, we could not imagine the important development this line of research would reach nowadays. However, we had the feeling that reviewing this topic would open new avenues for the research in location analysis. Some of our suggestions have been studied, but others still remain to be researched as mentioned in the new review, such as for example some multiple path location problems on trees, and other problems which have arisen.

I agree with the limitations imposed on the problems revised in this paper. They do not deal with the location of extensive facilities in continuous spaces, since the nature...


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