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Rejoinder on: Disruption management in vehicle routing and scheduling for road freight transport: a review

  • Richard Eglese
  • Sofoclis Zambirinis

We are grateful to the reviewers of this survey for providing thoughtful comments and are pleased to note that they found the article useful and with the potential to initiate and encourage further research in this area.

Vigo notes that the name “disruption management” is not always used in articles concerning this topic in road freight transport applications and that other terms such as “vehicle rescheduling” are used. We agree with this observation and hope that our survey will be particularly useful to bring together papers on this topic where a simple search through the titles of papers may miss important contributions.

Vigo also mentions other examples of disruptions, such as the difficulty in finding a parking slot along a road, or delays caused by customers during unloading operations. However, in terms of modelling, both forms of disruption can be modelled as a “delay” in arriving at or servicing a particular customer, hence they can also be included in the category of a...


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