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Comments on: Disruption management in vehicle routing and scheduling for road freight transport: a review

  • Michel Gendreau

Vehicle routing problems have been at the core of distribution issues in logistics planning for more than 50 years. Since the seminal paper of Dantzig and Ramser (1959), thousands of papers have been devoted to these problems. It is interesting to note, however, that the great majority of this plethoric literature deals with problems in which the distribution plan that is to be determined by solving some optimization formulation will proceed without incidents.

In “Disruption management in vehicle routing and scheduling for road freight transport: a review”, the authors review the sparse collection of articles (only 22 are listed in Table 1 of the paper) that deal with situations in which the distribution plan is disrupted by some unforeseen events. Four main types of disruptions are mentioned; they cover, respectively: (1) vehicle breakdowns; (2) link disruptions in the road network; (3) supply disruptions; and (4) demand disruptions. In the papers reviewed, vehicle breakdowns are by...


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