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Comments on: Disruption management in vehicle routing and scheduling for road freight transport: a review

  • Daniele Vigo

Road freight transport is one of the most important components of logistics and still plays a major role even in the continuously extending global supply chains, which involve several modes for long distance movement of freight. Traditional carbon vehicles and the new environmentally-friendly ones are, in fact, heavily employed in the last and first mile distribution and collection of freight in urban and rural areas. Planning and execution of these operations is made more and more challenging by the congestion of traffic and by the rapid evolution of level of service requirements asking for high personalization and flexibility.

In the operations research literature, the freight distribution and collection problems are generally modeled by the well-known vehicle routing problem (VRP) which is one of the most studied combinatorial optimization problem. In the last 50 years, literally hundreds of innovative exact and heuristic approaches were proposed to solve the VRP and the many...


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