Pulmonary artery reconstruction using an autologous pulmonary vein patch in pulmonary resection


Pulmonary artery (PA) reconstruction has been accepted to avoid pneumonectomy in locally advanced lung cancer surgery because of its satisfactory outcomes with regard to long-term survival and its low postoperative morbidity and mortality rates. Several techniques of PA reconstruction have been documented. However, the availability of PA reconstruction using an autologous pulmonary vein (PV) patch is unclear. Here, we present a patient who successfully underwent PA reconstruction using an autologous PV patch during resection of a lung adenocarcinoma (cT2aN1M0: stage IIB) in the left upper lobe with hilar extension and left main PA invasion.

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  • Pulmonary artery reconstruction
  • Pulmonary vein patch
  • Locally advanced lung cancer