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Mechanism of the Inhibitory Effect of Hydroxytyrosol on Lipid Oxidation in Different Bulk Oil Systems

  • Hadi Mahdavianmehr
  • Reza FarhooshEmail author
  • Ali Sharif
Original Paper


The autoxidation of purified triacylglycerols obtained from fish, canola, and olive oils in the presence of different concentrations of hydroxytyrosol at 60–100 °C was evaluated by different kinetic parameters including the stabilizing factor (F) as a measure of effectiveness, the oxidation rate ratio (ORR) as a measure strength, and the antioxidant activity (A) which combines the F and ORR parameters. The overall performance of hydroxytyrosol was attributed to the main reaction of chain termination (\( {\text{ROO}}{\cdot} + {\text{ InH }} \to {\text{ROOH }} + {\text{ In}}{\cdot} \)) as competed with the main oxidation reaction of chain propagation (\( {\text{ROO}}{\cdot} + {\text{ RH}} \to {\text{ROOH }} + \, R{\cdot} \)) and, additionally, the antioxidative side reactions of chain propagation (\( {\text{In}}{\cdot} + {\text{ ROO}}{\cdot} \to {\text{In}} - {\text{OOR}} \) and \( {\text{In}}{\cdot} + {\text{ In}}{\cdot} \to {\text{products}} \)), and the pro-oxidative side reaction of chain initiation (\( {\text{InH }} + {\text{ ROOH}} \to {\text{In}}{\cdot} + {\text{ RO}}{\cdot} + {\text{ H}}_{ 2} {\text{O}} \)) in some cases.


Antioxidant activity Canola oil Fish oil Hydroxytyrosol Mechanism Olive oil 


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  1. 1.Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of AgricultureFerdowsi University of MashhadMashhadIran

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