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Nondestructive NMR determination of oil composition in transformed canola seeds


Magic-angle spinning (MAS) 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a convenient method for nondestructive, quantitative characterization of seed oil composition. We describe results for intact hybrid and transformed canola seeds. The MAS 13C NMR technique complements and agrees with gas chromatography results. The spectral resolution approaches that of neat, liquid oils. MAS 13C NMR data allow quantitative analysis of major oil components, including saturates and oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acyl chains. 13C NMR directly and quantitatively elucidates, triglyceride regiochemistry and acyl chain cis-trans isomers that cannot be quickly detected by other methods. MAS 13C NMR can serve as the primary method for development of near-infrared seed oil calibrations. These NMR methods are nondestructive and attractive for plant-breeding programs or other studies (e.g., functional genomics) where loss of seed viability is inconvenient.

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cross-polarization, magic-angle spinning


gas chromatography


GC-flame-ionization detection


GC-mass spectrometry


high erucic


high-performance liquid chromatography-MS


Iow erucic


near infrared


nuclear Overhauser enhancement


nuclear magnetic resonance


magic-angle spinning; sat, saturated






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