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Development of a pantograph based micro-machine for nano-scratching


Micro-nano patterned surfaces possess unique adhesion, wetting and dewetting properties, prompting their growing applications ranging from water repellant windshields of automobiles, antibacterial surfaces of medical devices to algae cultivation for biodiesel generation. The current need is manufacturing systems and processing protocols to create highly controlled patterns directly on solid substrates over large area. In this paper, a pantograph-based desktop micro machine has been designed to create micro-nano scale patterns over 25 mm × 25 mm area directly over solid surfaces by nano-scratching/scribing process. It is designed to achieve precision positioning of scratching tool (tip) and to retain its orientation such that effective rake angle remains unaltered, unlike in atomic force microscopy based scratching techniques. The design of the mechanism and micro-motion analysis achieved by integrating unique design for revolute joints are described. The machine performance in generating micro-patterns over copper and aluminium substrates has been studied.

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