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, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 99–108 | Cite as

Dysmetabolic changes associated with HCV: a distinct syndrome?

  • Amedeo LonardoEmail author
  • Paola Loria
  • Nicola Carulli
IM - Review


Although not associated with the metabolic syndrome, HCV is linked with impaired insulin signalling, insulin resistance, hypocholesterolemia and steatosis which represent a distinct HCV-associated dysmetabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance affects the development of diabetes, fibrosis, impaired response to antivirals and perhaps hepatocellular carcinoma risk. HCV infection is associated with hypocholesterolemia and steatosis reversible after sustained virologic response. A “viral”, and a “metabolic” steatosis exist as function of viral genotypes. Little is known about the possible role of HCV in further components of the metabolic syndrome such as atherosclerosis, obesity, arterial hypertension, hyperuricemia and thrombotic risk factors.


Fibrosis Ferritin Hypobetalipoproteinemia HCV Hepatocellular carcinoma Insulin resistance Interferon Metabolic syndrome Ribavirin Steatosis Type 2 diabetes 


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