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Involvement of kinetin and spermidine in controlling salinity stress in mulberry (Morus alba L. cv. S1)

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In mulberry (Morus alba L.) plants NaCl stress imposed through roots by irrigation during growth period decreased the net photosynthetic rate (NPR), physiological water use efficiency (pWUE), which ultimately reflected on the reduction of growth parameters and leaf yield. Foliar spray of kinetin and spermidine (both at 1 mM) on salinized plants reduced the detrimental effects of saline stress. Kinetin and spermidine sprayed plants increased the total chlorophyll, protein content, as well as leaf yield, but reduced the sugar and proline contents as compared to NaCl treated plants. Kinetin was more effective than spermidine in increasing NPR, pWUE and leaf yield both in nonsalinized and salinized condition.

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net photosynthesis rate


physiological water use efficiency


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Das, C., Sengupta, T., Chattopadhyay, S. et al. Involvement of kinetin and spermidine in controlling salinity stress in mulberry (Morus alba L. cv. S1). Acta Physiol Plant 24, 53–57 (2002).

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