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Professor Yu Hai-bo’s clinical experience in treating acute attack of hemorrhoids with acupuncture-moxibustion

  • Yong-feng Liu (刘永锋)
Famous Doctor’s Experience


Hemorrhoid refers to soft vein mass formed by varicosity of submucosal veins around the end of the rectum and subcutanceous veins of the anal canal. It is the most common anorectal disease. This article summarized the regular patterns, features and advantages of Professor Yu Hai-Bo’s acupuncture-moxibustion therapy for hemorrhoids, in order to guide the acupuncture treatment for hemorrhoids.


Acupuncture Therapy Moxibustion Therapy Acupuncture-moxibustion Therapy Hemorrhoids Picking Therapy Blood-letting Puncturing and Cupping Syndrome Differentiation Treatment Famous Doctor’s Experience 



痔疮是人体直肠末端粘膜下和肛管皮肤下静脉丛发生扩张和屈曲所形成的柔软静脉团, 是最常见的肛肠 疾病。对于海波教授运用针灸治疗痔疮的规律、特色和优势进行总结, 以指导痔疮的针灸治疗。


针刺疗法 灸法 针灸疗法 痔 挑治 刺络拔罐疗法 辨证论治 名医经验 


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This work was supported by Key Laboratory Project of Shenzhen Science and Technology Research and Development Funds and Platform Construction Planning (深圳市科技研发资金条件与平台建设计划重点实验室 项目, No. CXB201111250113A).


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