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Clinical study on combined acupuncture and chinese medicinal fumigation for dry eye syndrome



To observe the clinical effect of combined acupuncture and Chinese medicinal fumigation for dry eye syndrome (DES).


A total of 90 DES cases (180 eyes) were randomized into a treatment group of 44 cases and a control group of 46 cases. Combined acupuncture and Chinese medicinal atomizer fumigation was used in the treatment group, whereas Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops was used in the control group. The subjective symptoms, Schirmer I Test (SIT) and Break-up Time (BUT) of tear film were observed before and after treatment.


The total effective rate in the treatment group was 78.4%, versus 12.0% in the control group, showing a statistical difference (P<0.01). After treatment, there were between-group statistical differences in SIT and subjective symptom grades (P<0.05, P<0.01). However, there was no between-group statistical difference in BUT grade (P<0.05).


Combined acupuncture and Chinese medicinal atomizer fumigation can help alleviate DES symptoms.

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