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Effect of acupuncture on infertility due to luteal phase defect






将50 例患者随机分为两组, 针刺组30 例采用针刺治疗; 药物组20 例, 口服克罗米酚治疗。 治疗前后, 采用高温相评分法(High Phase Score, HPS)评价黄体功能, 观测血清雌二醇(Estradiol, E2)、 孕酮(Progesterone, P)以及卵泡和子宫内膜的改变情况。


针刺组总有效率为93.4%, 药物组总有效率为70.0%, 两组差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。


针刺治疗和口服克罗米酚均能明显提高患者黄体功能, 针刺在改善子宫内膜方面明显优于克罗米酚, 患者妊娠后针刺组的流产率低于药物组。



To observe the effect of acupuncture for infertility due to luteal phase defect (LPD).


Fifty cases were randomized into an acupuncture group (30 cases) and a medication (Clomiphene) group (20 cases). High phase score (HPS) was adopted to evaluate the luteal function before and after treatments, coupled with observation on the changes of E2, progesterone (P), follicles and endometrium.


The total effective rate in the acupuncture group was 93.4%, versus 70.0% in the medication group, showing a significant difference (P<0.05).


Both acupuncture and Clomiphene can substantially improve the luteal function; however, acupuncture can get a better effect in improving the endometrium and a lower miscarriage rate than Clomiphene.

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