Clinical observation on acupuncture treatment of alopecia areata




To observe the clinical effects of acupuncture therapy for alopecia areata.


Seventy-eight patients were randomly divided into two groups. 43 cases in the treatment group were treated by acupuncture and pricking of plum-blossom needle therapy. 35 cases in the control group were treated with oral administration of Cystine tablets, Vit B1, and topical wash with Minoxidil Solution. The therapeutic effects were assessed after 4-month treatment in the two groups.


The curative effect and total effective rate were 58.1% and 97.7% in the treatment group, and 34.3% and 77.1% in the control group respectively, with statistical differences in the curative rate and total effective rate between the two groups (both P<0.05).


Acupuncture is better than medications in the treatment of alopecia areata.





将78 例患者随机分为两组, 治疗组43 例, 进行针刺和梅花针叩刺。 对照组35 例, 口服胱氨酸片、 维生素B1, 米诺地尔溶液外洗治疗。 两组均治疗4 个月评定疗效。


治疗组痊愈率58.1%, 总有效率97.7%, 对照组分别为34.3%和77.l%, 两组痊愈率、 总有效率比较差异有统计学意义(均P<0.05)。



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