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Environmentally benign chitosan as reductant and supporter for synthesis of Ag/AgCl/chitosan composites by one-step and their photocatalytic degradation performance under visible-light irradiation

  • Hao Wang
  • Yuhan Wu
  • Pengcheng Wu
  • Shanshan Chen
  • Xuhong Guo
  • Guihua Meng
  • Banghua Peng
  • Jianning Wu
  • Zhiyong Liu
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A novel Ag/AgCl/chitosan composite photocatalyst was successfully prepared by a simple one-step method. During this progress, environmentally benign chitosan not only served as reductant to reduce Ag+ to Ag0 species, but also acted as supporter for Ag/AgCl nanoparticles. XRD, SEM, EDX, UV-vis DRS and XPS were employed to characterize the as-prepared simples. SEM images of Ag/AgCl/chitosan composites revealed that Ag/AgCl nanoparticles were successfully loaded onto chitosan without obvious aggregation. All Ag/AgCl/chitosan composites exhibited efficient photocatalytic activity for the degradation of rhodamine B (RhB) under visible-light irradiation. The result of photocatalytic degradation experiment indicated that 20% of the mass ratio of AgCl to chitosan was the optimum, and after 40 min photocatalytic reaction, the degradation rate reached about 96%.


Ag/AgCl surface plasmon resonance one-step chitosan photocatalysis 


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This work was supported financially by funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 21367022 and 51662036) and Bingtuan Innovation Team in Key Areas (2015BD003).


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  • Hao Wang
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  • Yuhan Wu
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  • Pengcheng Wu
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  • Shanshan Chen
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  • Xuhong Guo
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  • Guihua Meng
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  • Banghua Peng
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  • Jianning Wu
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  2. 2.State Key Laboratory of Chemical EngineeringEast China University of Science and TechnologyShanghaiChina

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