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Development of Al- and Cu-based nanocomposites reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets: Fabrication and characterization

  • Abdollah SabooriEmail author
  • Matteo Pavese
  • Claudio Badini
  • Paolo Fino
Research Article


Aluminum and copper matrix nanocomposites reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) were successfully fabricated by a wet mixing method followed by conventional powder metallurgy. The uniform dispersion of GNPs within the metal matrices showed that the wet mixing method has a great potential to be used as a mixing technique. However, by increasing the GNPs content, GNPs agglomeration was more visible. DSC and XRD of Al/GNPs nanocomposites showed that no new phase formed below the melting point of Al. Microstructural observations in both nanocomposites reveal the evident grain refinement effect as a consequence of GNPs addition. The interfacial bonding evaluation shows a poor interfacial bonding between GNPs and Al, while the interfacial bonding between Cu and GNPs is strong enough to improve the properties of the Cu/GNPs nanocomposites. In both composites, the coefficient of thermal expansion decreases as a function of GNPs while, their hardness is improved by increasing the GNPs content as well as their elastic modulus.


nanocomposite aluminum copper graphene microstructure thermal expansion 


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  • Matteo Pavese
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  • Claudio Badini
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  • Paolo Fino
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