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Kinetics development for controlled mono-methyl amine-ethoxylation reaction using laboratory scale autoclave experiments and process plant reactor data simulations

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A methodology using laboratory-scale autoclave reactor data and industrial process plant data is proposed to develop and validate the kinetics of controlled ethoxylation of mono-methyl amine (MMA) solution. Initially, the ethoxylation of mono-methyl amine solution was carried out using an autoclave reactor under isothermal conditions, and the rate of products: mono-methyl ethanolamine (MMEA), methyl-di-ethanol amine (MDEA), and glycol ethers of methyl-di-ethanol amine (MDEA-P) was established. Then, the Aspen Plus process simulator sensitivity analysis was performed with the variations in the kinetics model parameters to mimic the real plant product distribution. Finally, the amine-ethoxylation reaction kinetics was validated by comparing the activation energies obtained from classical kinetics modelling through autoclave reactor experiments and simulation-based real plant sensitivity analysis. From the results, Ea = 19.46 kcal/mol and A = 6.02*108 for MMEA formation, Ea = 4.2 kcal/mol and A = 21.12 for MDEA formation and Ea = 9.46 kcal/mol and A = 307 for MDEA-P formation, were found to be the optimized kinetic parameters from autoclave laboratory experiments and industrial reactor data simulations.

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