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Identification of chiral lansoprazole drugs using THz fingerprint spectroscopy

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Lansoprazole, as a typical peptic ulcer disease (PUD) chiral drug, was investigated using terahertz (THz) fingerprint spectroscopy. Lansoprazole, S-lansoprazole, and R-lansoprazole had characteristic absorption peaks at 1.50 THz, 1.78 THz, and 2.00 THz, respectively, which can be used as the basis to qualitatively identify chiral lansoprazole drugs. In this study, a density functional theory (DFT) simulation was performed to gain insight into the origin of the characteristic absorption peak. The DFT calculation results were consistent with our experimental THz spectroscopic data and indicated that the characteristic absorption peaks came from the different vibrational modes induced by different polymorphs of the lansoprazole samples.

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This study was supported by a Joint Research Project between Southeast University and Nanjing Medical University (No. 3207027381).

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