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pH-controlled new mixed-ligand coordination polymers: luminescent properties and promotion activity on the children bone growth and development


Through precisely adjusting the pH value of reaction system, two new mixed-ligand based coordination polymers, namely [Zn(ip)0.5(bta)]n (1) and [Zn3(Hip)4(bta)2]n (2) (H2ip = isophthalic acid, Hbta = benzotriazole), have been acquired through the self-assemble reaction of Zn(II) salts in combination with H2ip and Hbta. Both compounds have high thermal stability demonstrated by the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) experiments, and exhibit strong luminescence emission at room temperature. Their application values on the children bone growth and development were evaluated and the specific mechanism was examined simultaneously. Above all, compound 1 was more outstanding than compound 2 against the children bone growth and development by regulating the Vitamin K receptor on the bone cell surface.

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Data availability

Selected bond lengths (Å) and angles (°) of compounds 12 (Table S1); PXRD patterns (a) for compound 1 and (b) for compound 2 (Fig. S1); The FT-IR spectra of CPs 1 and 2 (Fig. S2), the information could be found in the supporting information file.


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