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Improved synthesis and low-temperature performance of a series of saturated α-branched fatty acids

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Five saturated α-branched fatty acids, also known as Guerbet acids, including α-propylhexyl acid (G 1 ), α-butylhexyl acid (G 2 ), α-propyloctyl acid (G 3 ), α-butyloctyl acid (G 4 ), and α-hexyloctyl acid (G 5 ), were synthesized in high yields by four-step reaction. Colorless, almost odorless, and oily products were obtained with high purity, whose structures were confirmed by GC, 1H/13C NMR, and ESI–MS characterization. G 1 , G 3 , and G 4 had pour points lower than −60 °C, while G 2 and G 5 showed higher pour points (−42 °C and 6 °C, respectively) because of their molecular symmetry. Considering the low-temperature properties, G 1 , G 3 , G 4 , and even G 2 held great potential applications in the lubricant and oilfield.

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