Electrochemical and mechanical stability of ion-exchange membranes in alkaline solution


This paper focuses on the transport and mechanical properties of ion-exchange membranes (IEMs) in an aqueous NaOH solution. Heterogeneous IEMs based on styrene–divinylbenzene and polyethylene reinforced with polyester (PES) or polyamide (PAD) fabric were studied. The IEMs were exposed to a 5% NaOH solution for 30 and 90 days and the changes in electrochemical resistance, transport number and permselectivity were evaluated. Moreover, the structure of the IEMs was observed after exposure and their mechanical properties were evaluated. The results show that NaOH solution has the most damaging effect, especially to PES cloth and the membrane as whole, mainly due to dimensional changes. Furthermore, changes in electrochemical resistance were observed.

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The work was carried out within the framework of the project No. LO1418 “Progressive development of Membrane Innovation Centre” supported by the program NPU I, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, using the infrastructure Membrane Innovation Centre.

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Fig. S1: Stress–strain curves of CM-PES (A) and CM-PAD (B) (DOCX 498 kb)

Fig. S2: Stress–strain curves of AMs (DOCX 128 kb)

Table S1: Basic parameters of reinforcing fabrics (DOCX 15 kb)


Table S2: Tensile strength of reinforcing cloths related to cross-section of specimen (0.08 mm × 10 mm, σM1) and real cross-section of fibers (σM2) and elongation (ε) (DOCX 14 kb)

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  • Ion-exchange membrane
  • Electrochemical properties
  • Mechanical properties
  • Sodium hydroxide