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Postnatal Health in Children Born to Women After Bariatric Surgery



The aim of this study is to evaluate short- and long-term consequences in children born to women after different bariatric surgery (BS) procedures.


A questionnaire survey was given to the mothers referred from 1994 to 2019 to our center for pregnancy and delivery management after BS procedures: (a) malabsorptive surgery, (b) restrictive procedures, and (c) combined restrictive-malabsorptive procedures.


Data from 74 children born after BS, aged 0 month to 12 years, were analyzed. The prevalence of children with underweight was 5.4%, normal weight 59.5%, overweight 16.2%, and obesity 18.9%. The prevalence of obesity was higher in children pre-school aged than that in school-aged ones. Neurodevelopmental disorders were more frequent if maternal BMI before bariatric surgery was ≥ 41 kg/m2 (p = 0.008), as well as if the pregnancy occurred less than 18 months after BS (p = 0.028). In school-aged children conceived within 18 months after BS, the highest risk of neurodevelopmental disorders (p = 0.028) and overweight (p = 0.018) was observed. The prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders was much higher for small for gestational age babies (p = 0.048). Children born after biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) showed less maternal breastfeeding, shorter breastfeeding duration, more overweight, and more occurrence of atopic dermatitis in comparison with children born after other bariatric procedures.


Postnatal health in children born to women after BS was impaired by long-term consequences and by other diseases later in life. Children born after BPD were particularly at higher risk for short and long term consequences when compared to children born after other BS procedures.

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