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Circumferential Abdominoplasty



In Italy, 34.2% of the population has a BMI higher than 25, and another 9.8% of the population has a BMI higher than 30. In Italy, there are 4 million and 700,000 obese people. Bariatric surgery has evolved as a very effective therapy for morbid obesity. After such dramatic weight loss, patients are usually left with redundant skin and unwieldy subcutaneous tissue. The circumferential truncal excess cannot be corrected by a regular abdominoplasty alone. In this group of patients, lateral excess can actually be over accentuated by a traditional abdominoplasty. In our institution, we are used performing abdominoplasty according to Pascal-Le Louarn’s surgical technique. In our cases, the adoption of this technique has been successful with a high rate of very satisfied patients, no major complications and few minor complications primarily in the smoker patients.


The charts of 41 consecutive circumferential abdominoplasty were reviewed. The preoperative markings, the surgical technique, the post-operative course, and the complications are described.


The average operative time was 220 min. The average lipoaspirate was 1,600 cc. The mean weight loss during the surgery was 3.4 kg. There were 18 immediate complications, including 11 seromas, and 7 partial wound dehiscences. There were 26 late complications, including 8 hypertrophic scars and 18 local hypoestesia. All seromas were resolved within 3 weeks. All patients were satisfied.


Circumferential abdominoplasty performed with Pascal-Le Louarn’s surgical technique is an effective, appropriate, and safe method to treat patients with lipodistrophy of the trunk following massive weight loss.

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