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Sensitive and visual determination of sulfamethazine in milk and drinking water using aggregation-induced emission fluorescent sensor based on luminol-europium nanocomposites


Considering the excessive residue and serious harm of sulfamethazine (SM2), the sensitive determination of SM2 has attracted wide attention in ensuring food security and human health. Herein, using the unique fluorescence property of aggregation-induced emission (AIE), we reported a simple and sensitive detection approach of SM2 residues in milk and drinking water. Firstly, luminol-europium nanocomposites (luminol-Eu NCs) were self-assembly synthesized via AIE strategy. Then, the fluorescence emission of luminol-Eu NCs could be quenched by SM2 due to the inner filter effect (IFE). As a result, the fluorescent sensor based on luminol-Eu NCs displayed a wide linear response for SM2 in a concentration range of 0.1–500 µmol/L and a detection limit of 90 nmol/L was obtained. Furthermore, semi-quantitative detection of SM2 on test papers was realized via a smartphone-assisted visual sensing device. Therefore, this fluorescent sensor shows a potential value in the field of food safety assessment.

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An aggregation-induced emission fluorescent sensor based on luminol-europium nanocomposites was developed and applied for sensitive and visual detection of sulfamethazine in milk and drinking water.

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This research was supported by the Key Scientific and Technological Project of Henan Province (No: 202102110140).

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