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Optimization of anthocyanin extraction from Oxalis tuberosa peel by ultrasound, enzymatic treatment and their combination


Oca Oxalis tuberosa is an Andean tuber with an important concentration of polyphenols and anthocyanins in the peel and flesh of the tuber. To exploit health and antioxidant benefits from these compounds they need to be extracted from the plant. Nowadays ultrasound and enzymatic extractions have demonstrated that they can enhance biocompound recovery over short periods of time and minimal solvent use. Therefore, the aim in this investigation is optimize pH, temperature and time for ultrasound, enzymatic extraction and their combination of anthocyanins from O. tuberosa peel. This peel is rich in carbohydrates (68.29 ± 0.37%), while starch and hemicellulose are the main constituents in the cell wall. The enzyme-ultrasound combination method showed the best results for obtaining anthocyanins using the following conditions: a 5-value of pH solvent, 30 °C temperature and 30 min of time. The concentration of monomeric anthocyanins reaches up to 583.50 ± 1.87 mg Cyn-3-glu g− 1, while antioxidant activity using DPPH increases from 806.32 ± 8.33 to 823.08 ± 1.98 mg. ET g− 1 for the extract. When ABTS radical was used the activity increased from 618.83 ± 1.45 to 657.40 ± 1.76 mg. ET g− 1 and in FRAP increased from 334.30 to 360.89 µmol Eq. Trolox g− 1. Extracts with a high content of polyphenol and anthocyanin can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to prevent degenerative diseases.

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The authors express their gratitude to the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) for providing financial support number: 781667.


D. Dimas-López received a grant from the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), number 781667. The funders had no role in the study design, data collection, analyses or interpretation, the writing of the manuscript or in the decision to publish the results.

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Denis de Jesús Dimas-López: Performed all the experiments, data recovery, formal analysis and investigation, wrote the original draft, Sergio Soto-Simental: Provided resources, data recovery and statistical analysis, investigation, review and editing, supervision, Norma, Güemes-Vera: Conceptualization, methodology, provided resources, Deyanira Ojeda-Ramírez: Provided resources, experimental design, data analysis, Aurora Quintero-Lira: review, Javier Piloni-Martini: Provided resources, investigation, original draft preparation, review, editing and supervision. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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Correspondence to Piloni-Martini Javier.

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