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Effect of alginate coating incorporated with Spirulina, Aloe vera and guar gum on physicochemical, respiration rate and color changes of mango fruits during cold storage


The objective of the present study was to assess the effect of Spirulina platensis (SP), Aloe vera (AV) and guar gum (GG) incorporated into an alginate (AL) coating on the quality properties of the mango fruit stored at 12 ± 1 °C for 4 weeks. This study showed that all coatings remarkably decreased the rate of respiration and the weight loss belonging to the mango fruits. Incorporating Aloe vera in the alginate coating (AV + AL) considerably kept the mango firmness. It was also revealed that the total phenol, flavonoid and antioxidant activity was considerably enhanced in the SP + AL and AV + AL coated fruits, in comparison to the AL coated and control fruits. The changes of peel color were found to be greatly reduced in the GG + AL coated fruits, as compared to other coatings as well as the control. The findings of this study, therefore, revealed that Spirulina and Aloe vera had the most positive effect on preserving the bioactive compounds of mango fruit during storage. Although the, L* value of the fruit peel was slightly decreased.

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This study as a research project (Code Number: 97/D/14847) was financially supported by the University of Hormozgan, Iran. The authors are grateful to Miss Farzaneh Izadi and Fariba Ebrahimi for technical assistance during laboratory analysis also Heidar Meftahizade for providing guar gam.

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