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Assessment of storage time on dielectric constant, physicochemical and rheological properties of two wheat cultivars (Pishtaz and Hamon)

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The occurrence of natural oxidation and formation of intermolecular bonds in the protein network improve wheat quality due to proper storage. For this purpose, this research examined the effect of storage time on the dielectric constant, physicochemical and rheological properties of two wheat cultivars (Pishtaz and Hamon), in three durations (0, 30, and 60 days). Results suggested that, with the passage of time, pH decreased in cultivars, but the protein level, wet gluten, Zeleny sedimentation, dielectric constant, and moisture increased, while the ash in both cultivars did not change significantly. Meanwhile, all measured properties, excluding pH and protein, improved more significantly in the Pishtaz cultivar than in Hamon. Additionally, water absorption, dough development time, and dough stability time increased in both cultivars, but the value of these indexes and the level of changes were higher in Pishtaz than in Hamon. At the same time, dough softening degrees decreased in both cultivars through time after 10 and 12 min with Pishtaz having a lower degree than Hamon. On the other hand, in all durations of fermentation, the required energy for dough extension, resistance to extension, extensibility, and the ratio number increased in both cultivars. Except for the dough extensibility, the changes in other properties in the Pishtaz cultivar were higher than those of the Hamon. The research concluded that the effect of storage life on physicochemical and rheological properties of Pishtaz was higher and more significant than those of Hamon.

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