Post harvest processing, cooking and textural properties of horse gram (Mycrotyloma uniflorum) varieties

  • Rahul Vashishth
  • Anil Dutt Semwal
  • M. Pal Murugan
  • Gopal Kumar Sharma
Original Paper


Four Horse gram varieties GPM-6, Hebbal Hurrali-1, BHK and Paiyur-2 from southern region of India were studied for various physical, mechanical, aerodynamical and cooking properties. These parameters were often utilized to design and develop more economical and efficient agricultural produce processing machinery and equipment especially during post-harvest operations and for consumer accepatance. Length, width, thickness and volume of the horse gram varieties were in the range of 5.44–6.01, 3.99–4.09, 2.21–2.29 and 25.57–29.48mm3, respectively. Moisture content, thousand kernel weight, bulk density, true density, and porosity were in the range of 10.13–11.63%, 30.32–32.98 g, 810–901, 1250–1426 kg/m3, 34.92–36.87% respectively. Angle of repose ranged from 22.73 to 25.42°. The shape of individual grain was ellipsoidal. The experimental terminal velocity was greater for all varieties in comparison to its theoretical terminal velocity. Results showed that the soaking prior to cooking leads to reduction in cooking time for the horse gram varieties. A strong significant negative correlation of soaking duration with cooking time (r = −0.912, p < 0.01) was observed. Horse gram cultivars with low seed weight had higher cooking time and higher water absorption capacity. Among the varieties studied, GPM-6 was found to be the best followed by Hebbal Hurrali in terms of lower cooking time, higher water absorption of soaked seeds and low hardness of cooked seeds.


Post harvest processing Agricultural produce Experimental velocity Sphericity Porosity Angle of repose Texture 


GPM-6, BHK, Hebbal Hurrali-1, Payiur-2

Horse gram varieties


Association of Official Analytical Chemist


Geometric mean diameter


Arithmetic mean diameter


Equivalent mean diameter












Aspect ratio


True density


Bulk density


Angle of repose


Height of cone


Diameter of cone


Coefficient of friction


Dynamic viscosity of air


Angle of inclination


Theoretical terminal velocity of air


Experimental terminal velocity of air


Shape factor


Drag coefficient


Mass of seed in kg


Gravitational force


Projected area of seed in air


Reynold’s number


Analysis of variance


Statistical package for social science




Stainless steel



The authors are grateful to Defence Food Research Laboratory, DRDO, Mysore, India for providing us with all facilities and financial assistance to carryout the research work.


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