Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization

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Antioxidant activity, phenolic, carotenoid and color changes in packaged fresh carrots stored under refrigeration temperature

  • Raees-ul HaqEmail author
  • Kamlesh Prasad
Original Paper


Carrots of uniform size were wrapped tightly within a plastic cling film and stored under refrigeration conditions for a period of 24 days. The roots were analyzed for changes in phenolics, carotenoids, antioxidant activity, texture and optical properties at every 6th day. Total carotenoid levels decreased from 12.68 to 8.17 mg/100 gm during the storage and a similar change in phenolics was observed with values decreasing from 41.63 to 32.31 mg GAE/100 gm. Collective losses of both carotenoids and phenolics negatively affected antioxidant activity in carrots with figures decreasing from 16.50 to 11.07%. The refrigeration storage of carrots also had an influence on its optical and textural characteristics at significant levels (p < 0.5). Texture change in carrots was more profound in core sections of root during the storage. A strong positive correlation was observed for antioxidants with carotenoids, phenolics, L* and a* values.


Carrot Carotenoids Phenolics Antioxidant activity Color 



This study was funded by Maulana Azad National Fellowship (201516-MANF-2015-16-JAM-49039).

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