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Impact of the addition of RS-III prepared from sweet potato starch on the quality of bread


In the present study, control bread (CB-0% resistant starch) and experimental breads (EB1-10% and EB2-15% resistant starch) were formulated and their quality was evaluated. Resistant starch (RS) content was greater in EB2 (12.99%) than EB1 and CB. Loaf weight of experimental breads was positively correlated with the moisture content of bread loaves. Sensory analysis revealed that an addition of 15% RS in the bread caused a darker color and a harder texture as evident from the instrumental data. A decreased L* value was noted in both control and experimental breads during storage. The hardness of all bread crumbs was increased over the storage time while this increment was more prominent in EB2. Results showed that the EB1 was accepted with a highest overall sensory acceptance of 3.33 than EB2 (3.00) and CB (2.83) during storage. Microbial analysis indicated that the bacterial colonies increased in the control bread and EB1 during the storage while the EB2 was free of microbial contamination. The study revealed that EB1 (10% RS) was found most acceptable in terms of sensory and textural characteristics.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi for providing Financial support to carry out this research work.

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