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Analyzing the effect of optimization conditions of germination on the antioxidant activity, total phenolics, and antinutritional factors of Chenopodium (Chenopodium album)


The purpose of present study was to optimize the effect of germination temperature and time on the total phenolic content, antioxidant activity, saponins, tannins and phytates in Chenopodium album grains using the response surface methodology (RSM). Statistical analysis revealed that independent variables (germination time and germination temperature) significantly (p < 0.05) affected all responses (AoxA, TPC, saponins, tannins and phytates). The results indicated that with increasing germination time and germination temperature, TPC and AoxA increased while the tannins, saponins and phytates decreased significantly (p < 0.05). The superlative combination of germination bioprocess variables for producing optimized flour with the higher TPC (5.64 g/100 g sample) and AoxA (18.45 g/100 g) while as lower saponins (0.67 g/100 g), tannins (1.29 mg/100 g), and phytate (0.46 mg/100 g sample), respectively with germination temperature (25.54 °C) and germination time of 49.59 h. Thus the results of this study showed that germination enhanced the TPC and AoxA while reducing the tannins, saponins and phytate of C. album flour and thus may help in improving its nutrient content. Therefore the optimized germinated C. album flour with high functional potential may find numerous applications in novel food formulations.

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