Table 1 Eighteen items from MMT-Revised (MMT-R) scale with factor loadings

From: Media multitasking is associated with higher risk for obesity and increased responsiveness to rewarding food stimuli

Item wording Factor 1 loading (phone checking) Factor 2 loading (distraction/interference)
When you sit down to do work or homework, how successful are you at avoiding distraction? [Reverse scored] 0.05 0.72
How often do you check your phone when you shouldn’t? (e.g., during a meeting or lecture). 0.53 0.40
When driving, how often do you reach for your phone to check for texts/calls/notifications? 0.55 0.09
How urgently do you feel the need to check for possible text messages or emails? 0.58 0.34
How often do you find yourself procrastinating by viewing media content online (e.g., YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) −0.03 0.71
How distracted are you by alerts or notifications on your phone’s lock screen? 0.49 0.42
How often do you multitask? (i.e., begin a task or activity but then find yourself doing another task or activity?) 0.19 0.55
How often do you multitask with multiple media devices? (e.g., answer a text message on your phone while browsing Facebook on your computer?) 0.26 0.52
How often do you send texts during class? 0.61 0.17
When talking to people, how often are you distracted by your surroundings? 0.38 0.31
How often do you check for texts or emails while watching a movie in a theater? 0.66 0.00
If you are in the middle of a conversation and receive a notification for a new text or email, how likely are you to check it? 0.64 0.07
How often do thoughts about what you are doing next interfere with what you are doing in the moment? 0.33 0.29
How often do alerts/notifications on your phone interfere with what you’re doing? 0.51 0.40
When talking to someone face-to-face, how often do you feel the urge to check your phone for unread messages, notifications, etc.? 0.68 0.17
How often does your multimedia use interfere with your homework or work? 0.15 0.76
How much would other people describe you as being easily distracted? 0.20 0.58
In a movie theater, how often are you distracted by other people sitting around you? 0.42 0.04