A Time to Give Thanks

… to Our Reviewers, Contributors, Publishing Team, Advisory Board Members, Editors, and Readers

Although there may be great diversity in terms of actual practice, reciprocity is a human universal. There are times during each day, during the year, and during our lives when we think about reciprocity and engage in it. We may do so in grandiose ways or modest ones, openly or anonymously, out of a sense of social obligation or from more personal desires. We may benefit from giving back and giving thanks and we may carry this out in culturally prescribed ways, but we also know that to do so is, even in small part, to practice the “good.”

As with any scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, a multitude of tasks must be taken on by a variety of individuals and groups acting in various roles. A publication such as the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry could not exist, of course, without our contributors, who submit thoughtful and thought-provoking manuscripts that have required substantial time and effort in terms of conception, research, writing, and revision. These authors continue the discourse and dialogue that are the basis of the philosophical and scientific traditions. Our readers are an important part of this conversation as well. They are more than just the “subscriber base” that pays for periodical production; they are active members of this community and often become contributors, peer reviewers, and/or editors themselves. Any publication also includes a network of editors and advisers who carry out the journal’s mission and guide the direction of every issue, in both the short- and long-term. These individuals are often unpaid and unseen but remain committed and continue to serve even with other duties crowding their plates. Moreover, the only way any concept or conversation is made concrete is thanks to a dedicated publishing, marketing, and production team. Excellence in copy-editing, pagination, design, and dissemination appears, on the surface, “effortless”—a support system for such scholarly presentation and discussion that is rarely noticed. The same can be said of the work of peer reviewers and their essential contributions of time and expertise.

Thus, we at the JBI would like to continue a tradition begun last year of formally thanking those who have made the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry possible. We do so, first, by publishing the names of our peer reviewers in this, the fourth issue of volume 9. Although this list appears at the end of a calendar year, due to the nature of the academic publication process (i.e., the several-month lag between submitting manuscripts to production and the printing of the actual journal), included below are the scholars who have peer-reviewed one or more articles from September 2011 to September 2012.

Missing from this list, however, as intimated above, are the names of all of our contributors, advisory board members, editorial board chair, executive committee members, associate editors, managing and copy editors, vast publishing team, and readers. We hesitate to include them individually here only to save trees and ink and because—other than our publishing team and readers—one may find their names in other places in the journal … although these brief mentions are in no way sufficient reciprocations for the parts they play in the JBI.

We also acknowledge that our new annual tradition of “giving thanks” in a short column may be comparable in worth to those thank-you notes to grandparents or aunts and uncles that parents to this day must prod their children into writing.

We at the JBI do, however, with full sincerity appreciate this patchwork “sweater” all of you have helped to knit, and we promise we will not only cherish it today but also wear it well into the future.

Thank you all for yet another interesting and inspiring year at the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry.

Aaron Fellmeth

Adam Feltz

Alexander Lautensach

Alison Thompson

Alvan Ikoku

Andrew McGee

Anthony Wrigley

Aviva Goldberg

Barbara Rothschild

Bernadette Richards

Bethany Stevens

Betty Chaar

Cameron Stewart

Carla Kierns

Carmen Paradis

Carol Schilling

Charlene Galarneau

Charles Douglas

Christopher Degeling

Christian Coff

Christopher Cowley

Christopher Degeling

Christopher Jordens

Christopher Ryan

Cindy Wu

Cole Matthew

Colleen Cartwright

Craig Klugman

Dan Irving

Daryl Pullman

David Rothenberg

Denise Dudzinksi

Denise Fry-Kontaxis

Dominic James Wilkinson

Eleanor Milligan

Elspeth Probyn

Emma Kowal

Floris van den Berg

Francesca Minerva

Gail van Norman

Geoffrey Rees

George Jacobs

Glen Spielmans

Grant Gillett

Hannah Love

Hitoshi Arima

Hope Alexander

Ian Kerridge

Immaculada de Melo-Martin

Ines Barrio-Cantalejo

Israel Berger

Jackie Leach Scully

Jaklin Eliott

James West

Jayne Lucke

Jennifer Gibson

Jing-Bao Nie

Jonny Anomaly

Joseph DeMarco

Joseph Kras

Judi Malone

Julie Letts

Karmen Stankov

Kate Padgett Walsh

Katrina Bramstedt

Katrina Karkazis

Katrina Roen

Kim Hall

Kristine Barlow-Stewart

Leigh Rich

Lesley King

Leslie Pickering

Letitia Burridge

Liat Ben-Moshe

Lynley Anderson

Lynn Gillam

Mark Mercurio

Martha Stoddard-Holmes

Mary Bryson

Meghan Harris

Michael Ashby

Michael Carey

Michael Dunn

Michael Jarman

Morven Shearer

Mylan Engel

Nancy Hirschmann

Nancy Press

Neil Pickering

Nicole Gerrand

Nikola Stepanov

Paul Cheung

Peter Reiner

Philip Rosoff

Pilar Ossorio

Richard Twine

Robert Sparrow

Robin Pierce

Roger Magnusson

Ron Paterson

Rosalind McDougall

Sanya Ram

Sarah Dowling

Shannon Lundeen

Sharrona Pearl

Simon Woods

Steven White

Susan MacCallum

Susan Palmer

Susanne Haga

Suzanne Holland

Tanya Wyatt

Thomas David Harter

Thomas Faunce

Thomas Lawrence Long

Timothy Murphy

Tina Cockburn

Tony Milligan

Wendy Lipworth

Wendy Rogers

Yvonne Lau

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