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Euthanasia on the Agenda … Again

Bills in support of euthanasia represent a recurring legislative theme. Within Australia there have been at least 17 different Bills before different State and Territory legislatures since 1997, all of which have failed. The most prolific States have been Western Australia and South Australia, and 2010 saw the trend continue with a Voluntary Euthanasia Bill failing in September in the West and November in the South. With members in both States clearly stating their intent to table similar Bills in the future, it is worth taking the time to gain some insight into the proposed move to legitimise euthanasia as an end-of-life decision.

The November Bill in South Australia was a reinvention of a 2008 attempt to nest euthanasia within the Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Act1995 (SA) through the Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care (Voluntary Euthanasia) Amendment Bill 2008 (SA). This proposal was perhaps flawed from the outset...


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