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  • Kate Cregan

As regular readers will know we have had several bumper issues in this year’s volume. Consequently the final issue of volume seven is marked by its brevity—‘the source of wit’ in its broadest sense. This issue encompasses intelligent dialogue on a number of debates which flow from our recent print symposia and the In that case sections which complement them.

This issue sees the publication of a symposium on Dignity, collated by Claire Hooker, comprised of three papers that rethink the meaning and the use of the term dignity, both in theory and in practice. This theme carries through into both this issue’s Recent Developments in law and in the responses that have been submitted to the In that case presented in 7(2), which was based around the judgements handed down in Re: Angela.

I also take this opportunity to announce that this is my penultimate issue as Editor in Chief. I will leave my farewells until the editorial of 8(1), but I will say that over the nearly three years that I have been EiC the journal has undergone a number of significant advances in the application of its aims, the relevance of its content and in its international reputation. It has been a pleasure to see those changes come to fruition.

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