Welcome to the first issue of the JBI for 2010. My primary editorial task in this issue is to extend, on behalf of the Board and the Committee, a warm welcome to our most recent addition to the ranks of our Associate Editors, Robert McRuer, whose dual expertise in queer theory and disability studies is a very welcome addition to our breadth of disciplinary coverage. We hope Robert’s appointment will encourage submissions in these fields as they intersect with bioethical inquiry.

We remind our readers that we also welcome unsolicited contributions of reviews of books, film and documentaries in coming issues. If you would like to review a particular publication, please contact Katrina Bramstedt, our Associate Editor, Reviews.

This issue’s thematic Symposium, guest edited by Prof. Grant Gillett, consists of a collection of papers by international scholars dedicated to rethinking biomedicine and the place of complementary medicines. In the first issue of 2009, when the symposia were launched, I expressed a hope that they would become an exciting addition to the regular contributions to the journal. This hope has so far borne fruit and the projected symposia for the coming year promise to exceed my earliest expectations, with collections of papers on dignity, mental health and literature and medicine all slated for forthcoming issues. We welcome proposals for symposia from interested conveners and guidelines for submissions can be obtained either from the Editor-in-Chief or the Managing Editor.

Finally, we alert readers that we have the pleasure of presenting a special issue in 7(2) on Biopolitics that is comprised of a range of provocative essays and guest edited by Dr Catherine Mills of the University of Sydney.

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