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In that Case

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Call for Responses

The case outlined below will be the basis for the In That Case section in the next issue of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (JBI). We invite interested readers to provide responses to the case for possible publication. Responses should be 500–700 words, and should be submitted as soon as possible after publication of this issue. The editors will select the responses to be published in the next issue of the JBI, and reserve the right to edit contributions to avoid repetition. Editorial changes will be cleared with authors before going to press. Responses should be submitted on Editorial Manager.

Distributing Scarce Oseltamivir in an Avian Flu Pandemic1

For the past several months there has been sustained human-to-human transmission of a novel strain of avian influenza A with genetic components of human influenza in several countries around the world. Your community was first affected three weeks ago and since then there have been over 500 cases and 50 deaths....


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