Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion

, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 571–583 | Cite as

Simulation of Precipitation Kinetics with Non-Spherical Particles

  • Kaisheng Wu
  • Qing Chen
  • Paul Mason


A kinetic model that is modified based on Langer and Schwartz theory has been developed to treat precipitation kinetics of non-spherical precipitates. Three types of particle morphology, cuboid, needle and plate, have been treated. Explicitly accounting for coherent elastic strain energy and interfacial energy anisotropy, the model enables the prediction of equilibrium particle morphology. The shape effect on growth kinetics has also been investigated assuming quasi steady-state and shape preserving conditions. Validations against a couple of practical examples have shown reasonable agreements, though care must be taken due to uncertainties from model limitations and discrepancies in experimental data.


kinetics microstructure modeling multicomponent phase transformation precipitation 



The first author (KW) would like to thank Dr. Qiang Du of SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Trondheim, Norway for the valuable discussions. The theoretical guidance from QuestTek LLC through the close collaboration is also greatly appreciated. In celebrating his 80th birthday, the authors (KW and QC) are deeply grateful to Prof. Zhanpeng Jin, a lifetime mentor, for his continuing guidance and support throughout our career.


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  2. 2.Thermo-Calc Software ABSolnaSweden

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