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Failure Investigation of Evacuated Tube Solar Collector of Water Heater


The instances of failure of solar tube collectors of water heating systems are seldom reported. The investigation of these failures and deep insights of prevention is required to avoid incurring huge costs at breakdown. The solar water heating systems are designed for longevity and requiring less maintenance. In lights of maintaining systems, only collectors are kept dust free for better performance and up-keeping of efficiency. But often the problems like leakages and high TDS levels of water are neglected. These facts at a later stage affect the longevity and working of systems and cause the breakdown of system. Salts accumulation creates blockages in solar tube collectors and entrap water causing pressure rise due to superheating. This leads to cracking failure of tubes. High temperature failure of sealing gasket leads to leakage and corresponding failure of manifold. Salts accumulation may further lead to bursting of collectors, and manifold leakages may cause damage to it by corrosion. Failure of these collectors is not affordable cost wise, and it is as good as replacing parts with the new ones involving high expenses. This report gives a guide on maintenance and precautions by investigating failures of evacuated tube solar collectors.

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  • Evacuated tube solar collector
  • Manifold
  • Salts accumulation
  • Pressure rise
  • Gasket seal leakage failure
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance